Lusting Over: The new Poppy Barley 2.5" ankle boot!

Just when I thought the slip on oxford couldn't be beat Poppy Barley brings out these beauties. My Christmas list just got a little longer! There are so many reasons to love Poppy Barley and lately I feel like they're totally killing it in the shoe design department with some really awesome new designs. This new release only has me even more excited to receive my first pair of custom boots from them. I just ordered these beauties and they can't get here fast enough! haha

Preparing For: The Holidays

Christmas is by far my favorite season and it has very little to do with presents. The decorations, music, movies and general warm and fuzzy feelings from spending time with friends and family around the holidays are all what I love and am looking forward to in the coming weeks. To get right into the holiday spirit Kristina and I rented out the project loft and with the help of Breanne, Aislin and Janna, got up to all kinds of holiday goodness.  Stay tuned for more, I cannot wait to share what we did!

blogger christmas .png

Working On: A Bold Design Plan

These days as I'm more crunched on time I have to be selective about the design clients I take on but when a client of mine from 6 years ago reached out again, I couldn't resist taking on another project! A new condo in a totally different style meant a totally new design direction. Working within a new palette and with fun new furniture pieces we're working away on a great plan. Here's a peek at an initial design concept for the bedroom. Orange has always been a struggle for me so this design made me really get creative and I'm so excited to see how it all turns out.

blue and orange design plan

Reading: Why Not Me

One of the shared loves of all of the ladies of #yegblogpodiumsquad was reading so naturally, a book club was formed! For our first read we chose Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. I adore Mindy so I'm really looking forward to finishing this book. I've only just started as I have a few more weeks to complete the book before we meet but if it's anything like her first book, I'll likely be done in a few more days because I won't be able to stop laughing and put it down! 

mindy kaling why not me

Wearing: Dancelove Shop Heart Sweater

You guys know I love to support local ladies doing their thang so I'm all about the new shop Dancelove which was recently launched by Jordana, a former competitive dancer. I'm not a dancer myself (I took dance lessons when I was 5 or 6 so, I don't think that counts! lol) but I adore the cute designs of her tees, tanks and sweaters. I can't resist a cozy sweater so this <3 top has been in heavy rotation lately. 

heart sweatshirt
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