Beauty Resolutions

Similar to how I did last year, I thought this year I should set a few "beauty resolutions". However, this year rather than "master a cute mani" and "find the best lip color", I feel like my resolutions are a little more thoughtful and mature. I've mentioned here before that over the past year I've learned a lot about some of the products I use and the ingredients they contain and the conditions they come from and more often than not, it's not pretty. Here are three of my beauty resolutions for this year and I'd love to hear yours in the comments below!

beauty resolutions.JPG

Exfoliating Body Polish // Makeup Brushes // Nail Polish // Garance Dore Notebook // Lush Body Wash // Landeva Moisturizer // Makeup Brush Shampoo

Beauty Resolution #1: Go Natural and Cruelty-Free

This one's a tough one because I'm almost certain that in my daily repertoire I use all kinds of products that I would be saddened to know not only contain a ton of harmful chemicals but are also heavy into animal testing. One of the reasons I love Julep nail polish is because they are cruelty-free. Lush products as well as Landeva Organics are also brands I regularly use that I know do not test on animals but I'd like to hear from you guys some of your favorite natural and cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty brands. This one will be a hard one for me to change and I'll likely never be perfect but for every product I can swap out for a healthier alternative, I'll feel better and better and like I'm slowly getting there.

Beauty Resolution #2: Exfoliate

I'm bad for this one because if I'm being honest, I can be a little lazy. Living in Alberta with our dry winter air it's incredibly important though. I love using my konjac sponge on my face which I know helps exfoliate but a goal of mine is to more regularly exfoliate (AKA don't be so lazy Diana!!). I'd love to hear of any bath and shower products that you guys love that exfoliate and don't contain micro beads. 

Beauty Resolution #3: Wash my Makeup Brushes

So, according to experts (aka several sources I found from googling- lol) you should be washing your makeup brushes a minimum of once a month. Some sources even say weekly!! I can tell you that I wash my brushes probably every 2-3 months - oops. To keep your brushes in their best condition and to achieve the best makeup results (not to mention avoid uneven application or dull looking skin), regularly washing my makeup brushes is now high on my radar and something I'm hoping I'll remember to do on the 1st of every month! How often do you guys wash your makeup brushes?