Currently 01.08.16

Eating-  Chicken and Lime Soup

I was reading this great interview with Caroline when she mentioned this recipe and from the photo alone I knew I needed to try it. You guys already know I love me a good soup and this one will definitely be a part of my regular meal rotation. Easy, healthy and delicious! Thanks Caroline for getting me hooked!

chicken lime soup

Enjoying - Winter in Edmonton!

As I've mentioned before, we've been really lucky this year to have an incredibly mild winter. This has meant that James and I have been out and about way more than usual going for walks in Hawrelak, skating at Churchill Square and Victoria Park and of course, scoping out the Edmonton Ice Castle

winter activities in edmonton

Loving- Way of Gray

Like most people one of my goals was to take better care of myself. That means eating better food and actually setting aside time to workout and take care of my body. I've followed Way of Gray for a long time now and I love her positivity so as soon as she offered HIIT videos, I was sold. I'm only a week into her Way of Gray program but I am loving it. I'll actually be sharing a more detailed post all about it later but stay tuned and if you need a kick in the butt, check her out!

way of gray program

Reading- magazines - playing catch up!

Oh man have I ever fallen behind on my magazines! Months of being hella busy have put my magazine addiction on the backburner so now that I'm trying to be a bit of a hermit in January, I'll be spending a bit of time cozying up with Herman and working through some of my favorite magazines. 


Watching - Making a Murderer

So technically, I'm no longer "currently" watching because I finished the series in an embarrassingly fast two days (hey, that's what holiday breaks are for, right?!) but it's just so good I HAD to talk about it! There's been a lot of controversy about this series since it's been released and I can absolutely see why. It's definitely a fascinating watch and one that will have you confused, shaking your head, angry and sad all at the same time. SO worth the watch if you need a good Netflix binge ;)


So there you go, just a little bit of my "currently". What about you?