Cozy Winter Days


Come January I usually become a bit of a homebody for a little while. I find that I'm so tired from the lead up to the holidays that I like to take January to just "do me" and stay in, get back into a healthier groove and settle into good routines for the new year. 

More time at home equals living in pj's and cozy knits, taking more time to pamper myself with at home beauty treatments and relaxing bubble baths reading. I also am a huge nerd when it comes to my planner so I love to pick a night, pour a glass of wine, light some candles and fill out some of the important dates for the year in my planner and set some dates for some of my goals (read a few of my general goals for the New Year here). I know it sounds a little lame but I've always been someone who needs my "me" time and after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, January is usually the month I try to find time to do so. 

So in the spirit of staying in, taking some time for yourself and just straight chillin' (aka pj's and netflix anyone?!), here are a few of my winter hibernating essentials AKA all the cozy, pampering, stay inside and seek shelter from the cold essentials you could ever need. Stay cozy friends!

1. The ultimate keepin' cozy essential is a good sweater

2. Creating a cozy ambiance with candles is always a good idea if you ask me

3. I love a cute toque with a faux fur pom

4. Bubble baths are essential for cozy days in

5. Is it just me or do these look like the coziest slippers EVER?!

6. For the other nerds out there, I love the look of this glam-meets-understated planner

7. Exfoliating is a must especially in the winter- this coconut and vanilla bean lip scrub sounds delightful!

8. Luxurious masks and creams are a must if you're taking a night in to pamper yourself

9. I'm always cold so sometimes even at home I'll throw on a chunky scarf to stay cozy without blasting the heat

10. I think I could live snuggled up in this blanket!