Park Picks 02.20.15

Diana's Picks

1. Grain Silo Home Conversion

190 square feet has never looked so chic! I sometimes feel like I don't have enough space in my one bedroom condo and then I see a space like this and give my head a shake. Architect Christoph Kaiser turned a grain silo into a fab contemporary home, equipped with gorgeous walnut, stunning steel accents and custom pieces to make the small space a highly functioning and beautiful home. Check out the gallery and prepare to be impressed - I don't know if I could live in 190 sq ft but if I had to, this is where I'd like to be! 

2. I AM Documentary

I love watching documentaries on netflix, and last week the movie that rocked my world was the documentary, I AM. I won't spill too many details but I will say that I think this is a film that everyone should watch.  Full of discussions that make you think about what you value in your life, and how we as a collective can influence change, this is a documentary that has kept me thinking all week since viewing. I'd highly recommend adding this to your list and watching asap- there's a reason why it has a 5 star rating. 


Sarah's Picks

1. Floribunda Wallpaper

Hello, gorgeous! Loving this floral wallpaper, and no, it doesn't have to be super traditional. Not that it can't be though! Personally, I'd take this luxe pattern and pair it with some clean lines and possibly some graphic prints or accents. 

2. Instagram Diary: VOGUE

Who What Wear compiles Insta photos from Vogue magazine employees (if you can call Anna Wintour an employee). They'll instantly make you want to stop what you're doing and head to NYC to appy for a job as aaaaanything to take advantage of the many, many perks. #jealous

Kali's Picks


Maybe a little bit cocky, but never the less hilarious. Nothing like a cheeky little tee for spring under your favorite denim jacket and a-line skirt. 

2. Calvin Harris for Emporio Armani

Umm, hello there! Our favorite DJ has turned full on hunk-i-fied in the most recent Armani campaign. Check out the full spread through the link above!