Park Picks 02.28.15

Diana's Picks

1. Poppy Barley Limited Edition Collection 

By now you all should know of our love for Poppy Barley, but my love went to a whole 'notha level last week when I saw this picture PB posted of a new shoe style coming soon.  As RZ would say "I die!"

2.  Hustle For The Pretty Things Notebook

As it's pretty obvious thanks to this blog, I'm all about the pretty. Pretty shoes, pretty decor, pretty clothes, pretty paper goods and on and on. Because what else are ya hustlin' for if it's not the pretty things?! 

Sarah's Picks

1. Eyelash Sweater

It's so hard for me to say no to Zara. And these cute eyelashes- I mean, really! So in love. I got it and I haven't stopped wearing it since. (And I didn't get the black one! #progress)

2. Poodle Crib Bedding

Ok mammas and mammas to-be: if you need bedding for your little miss, this is it. If Alice's room wasn't totally done, this would be on my list. Not only are the poodles adorable, but check the pink pompom crib skirt! Well done, Land of Nod. 


Kali's Picks

1. Christina Impersonates Britney. 

My first thought was, why is Christina even on Jimmy Fallon? Then she KILLED IT on her wheel of impersonations. Jimmy doesn't do so bad either.  

1. Americans Trying Canadian Snacks

On Nanaimo Bars; 
"They're like square diabetes"
"When you have free health care, you can eat whatever you want."