Hello from Maui, dolls! If you've been following on Instagram, you know that I've spent the last few days in paradise. The weather back home is warming up fast, but it's definitely been nice to kick start the spring weather with a little Hawaiian vaycay. 

We spend most days by the pool, with the exception of the first few days that it was chilly. Chilly as in... I wore a hoodie. In Hawaii.

But whatever! We did some island driving, working out, and general hanging out. I should note that this is the first time since Alice has been born that I've actually had time to work out consistently. I can still feel those Hawaiian hills. OUCHIE!

Thankfully it's much warmer now and we're getting some beach time in. Check out my little fashionista! She's pretty much taking over the photo album in my phone with her tutu bathing suits and sparkly heart sunnies. Work it, girlfriend! 

I'll be keeping the Maui updates coming via Instagram so be sure to follow along! Chat soon, lovebugs!