Spring Beauty

With Spring in full swing it's time to ditch your old routine and switch things up a little bit for the warmer months ahead!

First things first, you've gotta take care of your skin! I shared a really easy skin clearing and brightening DIY a few weeks ago but I'm also in love with this Landeva charcoal mask for clearing my skin and keeping me feeling fresh. The charcoal acts as a magnet to pull dirt from your pores which always gets a thumbs up in my books- so it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and so clean

Once your skin is all clean and prepped you're ready to start applying your makeup, but it's not going to do any good if your brushes are waaaay dirty- yikes! Did you know that you should be washing your brushes once a month? I really like this brush shampoo from sephora, or else you can use baby shampoo too! 

spring beauty

Next up for the spring beauty re-vamp is your lip colour. I love experimenting with different products and glosses but it's great if you can find the perfect go-to that you know compliments your skintone, works well with whatever you're wearing and is a color you're comfortable to rock on the daily. You've already heard me sing my praises for the ladies from Veil Beauty Co. and now that I've got my hands on their perfect bright berry pink 'First Kiss', I know that I have my go-to color for spring! You can give this or another one of their amazing colours a try for 15% OFF with code 204PARK!

veil beauty co.
a veil beauty co lipstick.JPG

For a spring mani pick me up, a quick coat or two of a bright colour or soft pretty pastel is an easy and inexpensive spring beauty change. This tangerine is a fun, bright colour, this yellow looks great once you start getting a bit of a tan (be it from the sun or from a bottle), and this pretty pink is one of my go-to pastel colours.

My last beauty tip is to try something new! Now, this might not be a "conventional beauty" tip per-se but bear with me. Aside from my foray into DIY lotion bars (which I still LOVE btw!), I hadn't played around much with essential oils. When Ashley from Evening Grace Essentials reached out to introduce us to oils I was immediately intrigued and have been loving them ever since! There are way too many benefits (both beauty and otherwise) to list here but Ashley's site has some more info. I use thymes oil which has immunity boosting properties when I feel run down and my stress away oil in my diffuser after a long day. I love my non-traditional diffuser from Bowen and Kenneth because it adds a fun quirky vibe to my decor but also, with only a few drops of oil and 100 mls of water the essential oils quickly start diffusing into your home. So while this particular use of essential oils might not immediately scream "beauty tip" just think, calming oils = relaxation = happier, brighter you, which sounds good if you ask me!

a bowen and kenneth.JPG
a essential oils.JPG

These are just a few of my current beauty faves - what are yours? You know I love trying new products!