Park Picks 04.10.15

Diana's Picks

Vegan red lentil soup

1. What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening

This article is sure to make anyone laugh who follows any fashion focused instagram accounts (ours definitely included). Nothing like hearing the inner monologue of an avid instagrammer to give you the low down on the real side of what's ACTUALLY going on just outside of those "perfectly styled shots". Read on for a good laugh.


2. Vegan Red Lentil Soup w/ SPUD 

I'm loving SPUD lately and shopping online for organic, sustainable and local groceries. I've been trying out a lot of vegan recipes lately and this soup is one of my new faves. It's easy, quick, delicious and at 52 calories a cup, makes for the perfect lunch paired with a yummy quinoa salad! I was able to use lentils, onions and micro greens from my order to give me a wholesome local feeling while sipping away! PS for $20 off your SPUD order, use referral code CREDM-TIDDIA! XO



Sarah's Picks

1. Sweet Mum Box

How sweet is this?!? Monthly boxes sent out to mammas and packed with special goodies to brighten their days. When I recieved mine, I was so happy to find such cute little gifties. Prints, teas, jewels, a magazine, and as you can see, so much more. Each month is different to keep you on your toes (as if moms need that. Ha!).

2. Scandi Design Trends 

This article is busting with design and decor ideas! The copper lighting, cacti plant accessories, graphic wall calendars, and slatted walls are amongst my faves. Elle Decor, you can do no wrong. (And seriously, how long do you think until I get myself a cute little cactus? My guess is about 5 seconds).

Kali's Picks

1. Warby Parker Sunnies

It's going to be almost 20 degrees today! Can I get a what what! You know what that means, sunroofs open and sunny g's on! I love this Warby Parker pair for two reasons. 1. Thick frame on point. 2. I love tortoise forever. 

2. Blitz Conditioning

As you may have notice we are on a bit of a spring fitness craze over here thanks to our Split Fit passes. Last night I finally checked out Blitz which I have been hearing about from friends for years. Am I glad I did, between literally running through the halls and lots of intervals, this 55 minute killer class felt more like 30. Check it out for an amazing full body workout. Oh and they do personal training too.