Mad Men Inspired

Ok, you all know that we loooove our decor here at 204 Park. You've also heard us talk about modern design, and the resurgence of mid-century modern, right?

Today I thought I'd switch things up a bit and holla back to when mid-century modern was having its moment. Think: Mad Men, Don Draper, 1960.

I've designed a Mad Men inspired living room with the pieces from Chairish. If you're looking for fab vintage pieces, be sure to check them out, because there is NO shortage of fabulousness (they even have a strictly mid-century modern section, which is where I perused)! Just have a peek at the goodies below: 

Artwork | Sofa | Jacks Bookends | Dog Statue | Armchairs | Coffee Table | Area Rug | Floor Lamp

Do these not look similar to the furniture pieces that you're lusting over in modern stores? There's a reason that vintage shopping has become such a hit and that this style is taking over once again. I have two Barcelona chairs in my own home and you all know about the (faux) Eames chairs that I put in my kitchen

So, how many of you guys are into vintage shopping? It's something that can be tough if you're restricted to local sources, but thankfully there are online rescources that can vastly expand your options. I'd love to hear about where you shop for furniture and if you're into vintage, new, or a bit of both. Keep me posted!