Fancy Pants with Lorna Jane and Believe Fit

Well helloooooo fancy pants! As soon as I laid my eyes on these Lorna Jane beauties at Believe Fit, I knew I needed them. If you're gonna get your sweat on, you may as well look cute doing it!

As a girl who's "got back" I was a little concerned these pants might be a bit cray but once I put them on I fell in love - you gotta flaunt what you got, am I right?! LOL I also instantly gravitated towards the neon Lorna Jane tank as I knew it would go perfectly with my shoes and I love the relaxed fit.

I thought this would be the perfect ensemble to wear for a little walk James and I went on the last week and since I wasn't sweating it out hardcore like we do at one of our FitSet classes, I threw on my go to jean jacket, grabbed my hilarious new water bottle and we were off!