204 Park Home Tour: Bedroom

Well friends, it's been a while since my home dining room and office tour and as promised, I want to show you guys a bit more of my home, AKA 204 Park HQ. So, without further ado- let's continue the tour with the bedroom. You guys have already seen a bit of this space when I shared my Valentine's breakfast in bed post but this will give you just a few more details. 

bedroom decor

I love that our bedroom feels bright and happy! While I've never been hugely drawn to anything yellow when it comes to home decor in the past, something about this bedspread from Crate and Barrel totally caught my eye and we decided to run with it! The headboard is a DIY and our side tables are simple side tables from IKEA sprayed in an off white.

diy tassel garland

I've switched up the artwork in our room a few times and when I took down some photos above the headboard I decided to put up a few tassels for a pop of color plus, they're so simple to make so it was a quick and easy addition to the room.

diy headboard

I try (try being the key word here) to keep my bedside table semi-clear. The basket from IKEA is for my magazines and books and I have a few little books and tchotchkes on the tables but try to keep it fairly minimal so nothing looks too cluttered.

bedroom decor
crate and barrel

My favorite pieces in the room are some of the art pieces. I love this cute LOVE arrow print from Pure Joy Paperie on Etsy and the gorgeous floral pink and turquoise-y Cozamia print that is the focal piece of the space. 


I also love my set of photos of Herman that my mom printed off "warhol-style" to combine my love of warhol and pop art along with my love of anything to do with Herman! If you checked out my office tour, you'll see that incorporating a little something Herman-inspired is a bit of a theme.

andy warhol
diy jewellrey storage

My favourite piece of art in the bedroom is the piece I had Justine Ma write up. Without getting all mushy up in here, this poem is one of my favourites and Justine's writing is so beautiful that as soon as I discovered her work I knew I needed her to write out my favourite verse for me as a gift for James. 

pablo neruda

As we live in a small condo and space is at a premium I had to get a little creative with some of our storage and displays. A simple tray holds our collection of fragrances, a chair I re-furbished sits beside our dresser and is where I usually throw my purse at the end of the day and I turned a key holder/corkboard into a makeshift jewellery holder with a bit of gold spray paint and some Kate Spade thumbtacks.

chihuahua cushion

And there you have it, another little peek into my home at 204 Park! In case you missed it, check out my office tour here and stay tuned for the living room tour!

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