Women Who Rock: Amy and Kerris of Veil Beauty Co.

What could be more perfect than lipstick and lattes? 204 Park met up with the ladies of Veil Beauty a few weeks back and had an amazing morning at one of our favourite spots, Cafe Bicyclette. We chatted about paris, new york, babies, business and of course lipstick!


I've been a fan of the brand since I first tried their lipsticks last year and after meeting the two amazing women behind the brand, I love them that much more! Read below to find out why I think they're "Women Who Rock!"

Sarah and I admiring each other's new lip colours from Veil Beauty!

Sarah and I admiring each other's new lip colours from Veil Beauty!

Q. Give us a little background on yourselves, how did you two meet? 

A. We are two make up artists who met while working at Holt Renfrew 8 years ago.  We have 20 years of makeup artistry experience together.  We both also have backgrounds in business.

Q. What made you decide to start your own lipstick line?

A. We attended a makeup show in Chicago together to give us some inspiration and also to check out whats new and happening in the makeup world!  Over dinner and a glass of wine...or two... we started thinking of different ways on how to make it easier for makeup artists and also for our clients! We then came up with Veil Beauty Co! We are super passionate about makeup and building relationships with clients and other artists! We wanted to bring something different to the makeup world and creating a lip line that is specific for brides and bridesmaids was it!  We mainly do makeup for bridal parties so with our expertise we knew exactly what colours to offer!  Lipstick and lipgloss' are always the must have product! 

Sarah rockin' Veil's Best Day Ever

Sarah rockin' Veil's Best Day Ever

Q. Your products are cruelty free and made in Canada - why were details like this important to you when creating your own line, and is there anything else about your lipsticks you'd like us to know?

A. It was really important for us for our products to be made in Canada because we know where it's coming from and want to support our country! We wanted quality product and knew it was the right thing! We didn't want any parabens or other harmful fillers in our product.  As consumers we look for products without these ingredients and we wanted this for our clients as well.

Q. What have been the highlights for you two since starting Veil?

A. Well it's definitely been a learning curve for us! We never thought we would be able to start a lip line and we did! The biggest highlights have been the feedback from our clients that absolutely love the products.  When brides or bridesmaids hear that there is a lip line that has taken the guessing out of what colours would be best for the occasion, it really make us happy because that is what we wanted!  We have a lot of artists that are also using our lipsticks on their clients, so the support has really been unbelievable.  

First Kiss is my fave lipstick color yet!

First Kiss is my fave lipstick color yet!

Q. What would be your best piece of advice to women wanting to follow their passions and start their own business?

A. You need to follow your dreams no matter what!  It may be tough at the beginning but it will make you stronger and it will all be worth it!  You have to follow what you truly love to be successful and never give up!  We are both very lucky to have an amazing support system from our friends and family which is really important.  You need to surround yourself with people that will bring you up not bring you down.  You also need to make sure you have a concrete business plan...make sure to revisit it often so you know you are on track.