Tile Tray DIY

When I first did up this DIY for my coffee table I hadn't actually envisioned blogging about it but it turned out so well and was so simple that I decided I just had to share; because with a DIY this cute for less than $15 it would just be rude of me not to..right?! 

So for this DIY you'll need:

1 tile // a squared wooden dowel long enough to cover edges of your tile // 4 felt pads //  1 stain pen // E6000 glue // x-acto knife // 2 handles (+ gold spray paint- optional)

walnut and white DIY tray

I started by cutting the dowel to fit around the edges of the tile. You can use a little hand held saw but this wood is so soft that an x-acto knife will work. Just slowly press down on each edge a few times until you can snap the wood. If you need to sand the edges where you've cut the dowel to make them flat, make sure to do so as this will ensure the edges are clean looking. 

I then used the stain pen to stain the dowels. Once those dried I glued a piece to each side using the E6000 glue. I added a few felt furniture dots to the bottom of the tile so it wouldn't scratch my table and the last step was to take my handles that I sprayed in gold and use the E6000 glue to set them in place and let them dry overnight.

I love how this white and "walnut" tray looks on my coffee table with a few little décor pieces on top. Plus trays are great multifunctional pieces and I know that I could use this in almost any room in my place and it would not only look great but function well too! 

Happy DIY-ing!

*Just as a note, E6000 glue is strong but, I don't lift this tray by the handles just in case they lift off- better safe than sorry!