Vegan Beauty

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to sustainability and where my products come from. From the food I eat to the products I use, I used to buy items without any consideration of their impact on our environment, resources, the people who make them, etc. As I've been trying to make myself more aware I've been slowly transitioning many of my household and beauty products towards more natural and organic products.   It's a slow change and I'm far from perfect but I'm trying to make more informed purchases on everything from my laundry detergent, candles and of course, beauty products too.

When I came across the Ayushi line of vegan, organic beauty products I was instantly intrigued. I tried out their juniper face wash as well as their anti-wrinkle moisturiser to start working on some preventative skincare measures! haha

vegan skincare

I love the face wash because it's really gentle on my skin and smells amazing. Because it has coconut oil the mixture looks a little like it separates in the bottle but don't worry if that happens, it pumps out totally fine. I found that just using the anti-wrinkle moisturiser on it's own wasn't quite moisturising enough for our dry Alberta air but when I use it in conjunction with my landeva moisturiser, it's perfect. Plus, I feel good that I'm using products without any chemicals or weird ingredients that I don't recognize

Next on my list to try was their hair care. I've read a bit about the "no shampoo" trend but I don't think I'll ever be ready to board that train and give up shampoo altogether so I thought finding a more environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner might be a better idea.  

At first I was a little unsure because instead of a shampoo and conditioner you use a pre-shampoo conditioner and then you shampoo. (Although I was told you can use the pre-shampoo conditioner normally after you shampoo too). My worries subsided however when I tried it out and my hair wasn't a tangled mess when I was done. It worked just as well as my usual shampoo and conditioner combo and again, I felt better about using a more natural product and loved that I could select one that was made for use on chemically coloured hair (what can I say, I love my highlights!).  Natural hair care for the win!

Do you guys use any vegan or organic and sustainable beauty or household products? I'd love to know what you use and maybe give it a try, let me know below in the comments!