A New 204 Park

First of all thank you so much for popping by the site today. It was so sweet to read all of your amazing comments for Sarah as she said goodbye to 204 Park and hello to full time mommy-hood!

So here I am, officially taking on 204 Park solo (eeeeek!!!). You may notice a few little changes over the next while as I get into my solo blogging groove. These changes have been in the works for a few months now to make sure everything continues to run just as smoothly as it has for the past 18 months!

If we can just take a moment and have some real talk, I just want to say that running a blog is 

A LOT of work!!!!

When the three of us started 204 Park we didn't quite realize just how many hours go into planning, writing and photographing posts. Coming up with (hopefully! lol) interesting and original content, posting consistently and to a high standard takes many hours of work. This is why I SO appreciate all of you who stop by the blog and comment or share images and posts from the blog on social media.  It's nice to know there are more people than just my mom reading this blog! haha

When you work full time, have family, friends, a home and a life that all need your time and attention, running a blog on top of all that can at times become overwhelming. There are only so many hours in a day and it's important to spend your time doing what truly makes you happy - for reals. Kali and Sarah are two of my besties and although I'm sad to have seen them leave 204 Park I have nothing but love and support for them in their chosen paths. Kali is out there being a boss lady killing it in her career and Sarah is focussing on being the amazing mom that she is (seriously, who wouldn't want to spend more time with Alice?!!)

When we started this blog, my intent was to find a creative outlet which I desperately needed. Through 204 Park I've not only found that, but I've also met a ton of truly amazing people and even built new friendships both IRL and online. Locally and on the world wide web, I've been connected with some amazing people and had experiences that I would never have imagined could come from writing a blog. 204 Park has become a passion of mine and I truly love working on it.

I'm excited to take the blog in a direction that is 100% me and I hope you will stick around as I continue to do what I love here at 204 Park.

Thanks again and I’ll be back tomorrow!