Graham and Brown: Precious

What's your most precious possession in your home? Is it a piece of furniture you saved forever to buy, an heirloom handed down from family, a piece of artwork with meaning to you? Graham and Brown asked me what I thought my most precious item was and how I could display it differently in my home and it got me thinking.

I have some great mid-century modern inspired pieces (that you'll see when I finish my home tour which I PROMISE(!!) is coming soon) that I love but at the same time, they're not my most precious pieces. If you remember from my office/dining room home tour, I have a gallery wall that's filled with photos from James' and my travels, and that are mementos from our long distance relationship. Most of the images have a story to them and they mean a lot to me. I'm not really one for having family photos on display (in fact, there are none in my condo- is that weird??!) but I love that these images have stories behind them.

gallery wall

I'm a big fan of gallery walls in any configuration. I went for an asymmetrical layout but kept the white frames consistent for my own but I love walls that are totally uniform in layout and frame as much as I love walls that are totally eclectic and abstract which is why I'm probably drawn to the Frames wallpaper from Graham and Brown.

I think it would be so fun to have a gallery wall using this paper with rotating images hung with washi tape or even painted or drawn inside the frames. This would make for a totally unique statement that is 100% you. Check out some of these images below for inspo and let me know, would you ever have a gallery wall like this? What's your most precious item(s) in your home?

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