Mani Madness with Jamberry

I'm a big stickler over my nails. I've never been a nail biter and a chipped mani is for real one of my number one annoyances (on myself I should clarify- if you rock the chipped look more power to you- it just drives me nuts!)

That being said, I am the worst for making regular gel mani appointments with this girl so after a particularly long stretch of no gel I finally gave Jamberry a try.  You might have noticed over the past month or so I've been rocking some fancy looking nails (check above for evidence). Truthfully I had tried a Jamberry sample before but I didn't watch the proper tutorial video beforehand and kinda botched the whole thing. Lesson learned.

I gave three patterns a try and while I will admit that the application took some finesse-ing I was really pleased with the results. And because you can use them on your fingers and toes I gave them a go with a Jamberry pedi too! Above I'm rocking the Botanical Garden pattern that is so fun for summer. Below I gave the Snakeskin a try on my toes and they've held up for over a month now! I love them and can't wait to use the other half of my pack on my fingers for a perfect fall mani. 

Overall I was definitely happy with my whole Jamberry experience. I'd highly recommend watching this video a few times and making sure you have enough time to do a proper application.It did take a few applications before I felt like I finally got the hang of it but with over 300 styles to choose from, I'll definitely be using Jamberry again! These striped ones below (Country Club) were by far my fave and I got SO many compliments when I had them on. And, on September 1 they have a new gel line that I cannot wait to try! Have you ever tried Jamberry before, if so let me know which styles are your fave, or if you have any other tips for the perfect application!