Mid-Summer Resolutions


Well we're pretty much halfway through the summer and the time is FLYING by! Since getting back from my relaxing BC getaway, the entire month of July has been a whirlwind. While most people might set mid-summer resolutions to do more or plan more activities I am doing the exact opposite! lol

James is moving back to the UK this week while we're working on getting his permanent residency application processed so, in order to get in some visits with all of our family and friends  we've been busy just about 6 nights a week for the whole month of July with activities, dates, dinners, etc. It's been a lot of fun but also truthfully, exhausting. So, since Herman and I are going to be riding solo for a while, I've made some resolutions to help me get back into my more chilled out groove. Does anyone else feel like life gets totally out of whack when you don't take time to relax?

My first ritual I'll be getting into with full force is my Sunday prep day. Sunday is the day I try to prepare for the week. By meal planning and prepping and making lists of tasks for the week ahead, getting organized keeps me sane and the past few weeks I've been totally off my game with keeping myself in order. Goal #1 for the weeks ahead: get back on my list game. It helps to have the cutest planners and lists from Wrinkle and Crease too! 

wrinkle and crease calgary
wrinkle and crease

In the coming weeks I'm also going to be focussing on some much needed me time. Not to make myself sound like a total recluse but I am a person who definitely NEEDS  my "me" time. Whether it's yoga, reading or going on walks I need that time to unwind and just chill out to help recharge my energy levels. I love being busy and on the go but the past few weeks without any relaxed time has left me feeling wiped! My latest book choice is Girl On A Train and I can't wait to dive in with a glass of wine, light some candles and just enjoy. Have any other book suggestions for me? Leave them in the comments below!

the girl on the train

Lastly, I'm going to make sure to treat myself. Frozen yoghurt is one of my favorite treats and in the summer I could probably hit up Menchie's on the daily and never tire of it! It's 100% my favourite summertime sweet treat and usually made even better because it's also one of my favourite one on one girl time activities with my ladies. Who doesn't love girl chat with a side of fro-yo?!

So those are a few of my "get back on track" summer resolutions. Getting back on my Type A list game, enjoying some relax time with Herman and of course, fro-yo! Does anyone else feel like the summer is flying by too quickly? What are your plans to try to unwind and enjoy a bit more?

PS Because I love Menchie's so much I also want to share some with you for your own chance to win a pass worth 7 FREE frozen yoghurt's! Until August 15 head to a Menchie's near you and create your own Menchie's masterpiece. My fave is the #BirthdayCakeFruit-splosion (aka Birthday Cake Batter topped with a ton of fruit).  Make sure to follow @204Park and @Menchies_Canada on either Twitter or Instagram then name your own creation and share it on either Twitter or Instagram by tagging it #MenchiesMyWay and tagging @204park & @Menchies_Canada.  I'll announce the winner on August 15 and who knows, maybe I'll even run into you there! ;) I like to frequent the Garneau location