Joe Fresh Dress and Some ME Time

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As I write this I'm sitting at home, sippin' on some rose and binge-ing on netflix and it's pretty much the best night ever. Herman and I are loving it! haha  Last week I wrote about my mid-summer resolutions to slow things down a bit and take some time for myself to just relax. So far I'd say it's a  success. 

James and I took these photos the week before he had to head back to the UK while his Permanent Residency Visa is processed. We had the best day hitting up the farmer's market, grabbing lunch at Leva Cafe (seriously SO good) and just enjoying some time together before he had to head home for a few months. While it is obviously not great that he has to leave and we're back to long distance dating for a bit (that's gonna take some getting used to again after living together for 2 years!) I am trying to find the silver lining and catching up on some chick flicks is definitely one of them! Got any girly Netflix suggestions for me? Leave them below!