Summer Romance

Funny that I would wait until my boyfriend has to move (temporarily) back to the UK to talk about romance, hey? haha I'm not one to get too sappy or personal on here but there are a few little romantic details I like to try to use as often as possible and they're just too pretty not to share. 

I'm a big sucker for lace and I love this set from Adore Me because it's seriously SO comfortable and totally cute as well (always a bonus!) Plus, they have an awesome VIP membership too with great discounts and freebies if you like constantly adding to your lingerie collection. 

A few of my other basics on the romance front involve scent. I've mentioned many times on here my obsession with candles and this Goji Tarocco Orange scent from Voluspa is TO DIE FOR! Like seriously smells SOOO good. I also love to wear fragrance daily. It makes me feel more feminine and let's face it, who doesn't want to smell good all the time?! This Sarong scent from Theme Fragrance smells like Summer. Beachy with coconut and vanilla tones, it smells like the beach in a bottle and I've been wearing it for weeks.

Lastly, I love a good love note. I'm all about pretty paper and notecards and I love writing little love notes (I'm a mush ball I know!!). Wrinkle and Crease carries seriously beautiful paper goods and I love that they're an Alberta company. Yay for #shoplocal! Plus let's be honest, I couldn't resist the gold! ;)