Healthy Snacking

When it comes to my eating routines I am all about snacking. At work I always have some sort of food on my desk that I'm snacking on and the same goes for at home. At home it's easy to be prepared with healthy snacks but what about when you're on the go? I was starting to get tired of carrying around a million little tupperware containers when I came across the cutest bento boxes.

snacking on the go
takenaka bento boxes

A snack that I'll often gravitate to if I'm totally crunched for time is the protein box from Starbucks. Apples, grapes, cheese, a pita with peanut butter and an egg all in one container make this the perfect snack on the go but I'd prefer to come up with my own verion that I can prep ahead for the week which is exactly what I've done with these bento boxes. Some fruit, Adam's PB, a thin cinnamon raisin bagel and cheese make for a perfect snack box to last me through the day.

healthy snacking on the go

I also like to take my favorite salad ever to work and use the bottom section of the bento box to hold the salad and the top two compartments to separate the chicken and hummus or an extra afternoon snack.

The possibilities are endless for taking snacks on the go with different fruit, cheese, hummus, veggie and other combos but these containers are a convenient (and cute!) way to take your food on the go!

healthy snacking on the go
reusable bento boxes

What are some of your favorite "on the go" snacks?

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