Graham and Brown: Horizon

This month Graham and Brown asked me to think about how nature inspires our interior design choices. I'm always a fan of "bringing the outside in" design wise. I like to incorporate lots of plants (as you've seen in my home tour here, here & here) and fresh flowers so my home always has a bit of a natural influence. I also really like when you can incorporate a particular element in an unexpected way, which is probably why I love the unexpected Tapestry Rose wallpaper from Graham and Brown. 

This large-scale floral print looks like a close up detail of a textile which gives it a contemporary twist on traditional floral. It keeps the floral from feeling stuffy or traditional and adds an eclectic flair that I think would pair well with really contemporary pieces such as the few I picked below. 

Image Sources:  Plant  //  Side Tables  //  Sofa  //  Table

Image Sources: Plant // Side Tables // Sofa // Table

What do you think of this paper? Could you ever incorporate this into your own home? How do you "bring the outside in" in your own space?

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