Blogpodium Here I Come!

You guys!! I'm really excited because tonight I leave for my first blog conference, Blog Podium! I'm rooming with some really fab #yeg bloggers Kristina, Nicole, JanineAislin and photographer Breanne so I know that in addition to learning all kinds of blogging goodness, I'll also have a great time with some really fun ladies.


Jillian Harris is the keynote speaker so obviously I'm planning on stalking her the whole weekend. Just kidding....or am I?! lol In addition to miss Jillian, Kendall and Caroline from Poppy Barley will be doing a talk on building your brand and there are so many other great workshops going on - if I'm being honest, I'm going to wait until the last minute to decide which ones to go to, indecisive much?! 

I'm really excited to go on this conference and meet some new blog friends and also get some inspiration for 204 Park. Since taking this blog on by myself in June I've still been trying to find my  solo blogging groove. Figuring out how personal to get/not get and how to show off my favorite brands and pieces without coming off as too cheesy or "salesy" are a few things I've been trying to figure out over the past few months and I think a weekend away with the girls to get re-motivated and inspired is exactly what I need!

I want to share more recipes, more DIYs, as well as more of my personal life on my little corner of the internet but I don't want to bore you all to tears in the process. I also want to continue to share brands and things I love because I truly am passionate about what I blog about. With that being said I never want to come across like an advertisement; sponsored posts are great and all, but if I don't love it, I will not blog about it and you better believe if I do, it will be in my authentic voice (plus, I'll always make it transparent)! So, I'd love to hear more of what you love seeing on the blog (or don't want to see) or if there's anything you'd like to see some more of.  I'm working away behind the scenes on some site changes and I'm excited for all that's ahead with 204 Park and what I've been working so hard on for almost two years now!

As always, thank you all for reading and following along - your comments, likes, shares and tweets all mean more to me than I can let you know!

And now, just because - here's a few things I'll be taking along with me for my weekend getaway. My "blogpodium" essentials, if you will...

The cutest notebook and pen will be great for taking notes at all of the amazing seminars I'll be attending and I'm bringing plenty of business cards for networking! As any blogger knows a cute phone case is always essential as is a classic red lip. For the plane I've got headphones and a magazine; and a teeth whitening pen so I'm smile ready and cute note pad to take note of my "to-do's" before leaving are all conference essentials I'll be bringing along! (PS use promo code 204PARK for 80% OFF at Beaming White)


Plus, I certainly couldn't head to Vancouver for a weekend of networking and mingling without a fab mani so I met with my homegirl Meg and she gave me a fabulous manicure that I am just obsessed with. If you're in Edmonton and want to give Meg a try, mention this blog post and she'll give you 50% off a manicure! How sweet is that?! Thanks Meg! XO

shellac maicure