Surfset Fitness Edmonton

A few weeks ago I used my Fistet pass and went to my first Surfset class at the Surf Studio and you guys freaked out (in the best way possible) when I posted this photo to IG and facebook. I had no idea everyone would be so interested in hearing more about this new fitness class so I thought- may as well write up a blog post!

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I booked my class but I had been wanting to try out the Surf Studio since they opened. The classes are done in bare feet so all you need is your active wear, a water bottle (trust me, you'll need it haha) and they provide everything else!

The classes I took (I've been twice now) were the Burn classes so they were a HIIT style of class meaning that we did high intensity bursts of certain moves for a short period of time before moving onto the next. AKA- it's a killer workout! 

surfset edmonton

The first time I went I made the mistake of going the same day I did my Way of Gray workout in the morning so not even 5 minutes into the class, I was already feeling the burn big time. The surf boards are on top of 3 exercise balls that mimic the feeling of imbalance and movement that you would get from being in the water. This makes every move you do a little more difficult than it would be on the ground because your core is constantly engaged to help you keep your balance. 

The class was 45 minutes and it flew by! The instructor Natasha was great and I really enjoyed the workouts. The Surf Studio also offers a ton of other classes but I love a good high intensity workout so I stuck with the Burn classes both times I went. 

I'm so glad I finally used my Fitset pass to give the Surf Studio a try and with it being so close to where I work, this class will definitely become a more regular part of my fitness routine and I highly suggest checking them out!

surfset edmonton