Can you believe we're three weeks into the new year and I haven't done an outfit post yet? What can I say, the idea of standing outside in the middle of winter just has not been appealing to me! lol

So I procrastinated on doing outfit photos then the day I finally go "okay Diana, let's get it together and take some blog pictures", it's colder than -30 degrees with wind chill! I'm doing my best to look cute and cozy but for real- we took these photos in less than 5 minutes in the freezing cold while people passed me by and looked at me like I was crazy. And let's be honest - to have been outside with no coat and wearing white pumps - I felt crazy! haha I think it's safe to say that's been my biggest "blonde moment" of the year thus far- thinking I'd be okay to take several outfit photos when it's colder than -30! (Truth time: we only shot one look - this one! haha)

Cold weather aside, I got this cozy Brunette the Label sweater last week and have been practically living in it. As a true blonde who has MANY a blonde moment, I couldn't resist this top. Now I just need one of my brunette besties to get one of these to rock next to me! Plus, I know already how cozy these sweaters are so I just had to get my hands on another. I love Brunette the label because their clothes and accessories are hilarious and they're a Canadian company - so I've gotta represent! 

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