Hairstyle Inspiration

Well friends in a very loooong overdue move I'm getting ma hurr did next week and so like all girls pre-hair appointment, I turned to pinterest for some inspiration. I thought I knew what I wanted but really, I think I just confused myself! I cannot decide what style to go to (I keep flipping back and forth) so I thought I'd break down what I'm looking at and ask for your help!! Let me know what style is your favorite in the comments below

Option 1. Blunt and Wavy

A mid length blunt cut that looks ah-mazing (evidence below) styled tousled and wavy-like. How pretty are these?!

medium wavy hair

Option 2. Chop It Off

Part of me is really leaning towards this option because I feel like I'm ready for a change. Plus, short hair takes WAAAY less time to blow dry (a major problem for me) and yet I feel like I'm not as good at styling short hair. But look how cute these styles are! 

best short hairstyles

Option 3. Long and Layered

My third choice is to keep letting my hair grow! As you can see it's not as long as any of these photos but I feel like if I just got a trim that I could work my way to Victoria's Secret status hair over the next few months. Pros- gorgeous hair that you can do almost anything with. Cons- it's a lot of work! Styling, drying, dealing with, etc. 

long layered hair

Option 4. Pretty Pastel

Remember when I had pretty pink hair for like 5 minutes? lol Ugh, I loved that look so much and it wasn't even a planned hair color move! I've thought about going full pink but am just not sure I want to commit? And then I see photos like these and I swoon all over again!

pretty pastel hair

So there we go - some of my hair choice decisions to make. I have NO idea what I'm going to do next week so give me your thoughts in the comments and you know I'll be sharing what I chose to do next week once I've made up my mind! haha

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