I Love SPUD + Win a Free Year of Groceries!

Today I want to take a little time to talk about SPUD. If you've been following the blog for a while now chances are you've heard me sing my praises for SPUD. I was first introduced to SPUD when I did my first juice cleanse and it was love at first bite. As I learned more about SPUD and their mission to support local farmers and producers the love grew and now I'm proud to spread my love of SPUD as a brand ambassador. 

This year the love just continued to grow as SPUD launched two new initiatives, their "Let's Not Waste" campaign as well as their bin drive for WIN house


Let's Not Waste Time

Part of the reason I first fell in love with SPUD is because I don't really like grocery shopping. I find it to be a bit of an annoying process if I'm being honest. From finding parking, working my way through the aisles where I can't find what I'm looking for or where stock is low or quality is poor of the product that is there. Then there's standing in line, packing them up driving back home. As a girl who's constantly on the go, the idea of having someone else select, pack and deliver your groceries was pretty much a dream come true. Another time saver is the ability to shop confidently with SPUD. Because of their banned list of ingredients, I can shop knowing that I'm buying products that are healthier and more wholesome, saving me time from checking over labels in store to watch for ingredients I'm trying to avoid.


Waste Less Money

The most common question I get asked when I talk to people about SPUD is how the cost compares to typical grocery stores. If you shop at an organic market (or even the farmers market) chances are the costs are pretty on par. There are definitely items that are a little more expensive than shopping for non organic or local items at your usual grocery store however when you factor in particulars such as getting BPA free canned goods or organic groceries, the small difference to pay for these assurances are worth it in my opinion. As well, the busier I get the more I value my time. If I'm saving an hour or hour and a half of time per week and I think of what the value of that time is to me, it is well worth the few extra bucks to have my food delivered. Plus, I don't know about you but when I shop at a store I tend to fall victim to impulse purchases (especially if I'm hungry! lol). When I shop online with SPUD I can select exactly what I need with less risk of making an impulse purchase that end up costing more.

Waste Less Food

Similar to how I waste less money by avoiding impulse purchases, the same principal applies to wasting less food. When I shop online at SPUD I usually have a pretty good idea of my meal plan for the week ahead that I'm shopping for. I buy what I need and what I'll  use and tend not to buy extra food that I won't end up using. By shopping smarter I get the food I need without over shopping and therefore, my food waste is less. 

So now let's get to the free groceries part…..SPUD wants to know how you plan to reduce your waste this year and by letting them know you could win a FREE YEAR of groceries! Here's how you enter:

1) Take a photo showing SPUD how you plan to reduce your waste in 2016

2) Share your photo and statemnt on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #letsnotwaste

Every photo and statement you share is an entry in the contest! Click here for the full rules and regulations but it's as simple as that! Contest closes March 31, 2016

SPUD Edmonton

Now, in addition to their Let's Not Waste campaign, SPUD in Edmonton is currently collecting new clothing, pajamas, feminine hygiene products, underwear and cosmetics for WIN house. You can donate by placing the items in your SPUD bin for collection at your usual bin pickup by March 15 and SPUD will take care of the rest!  

If you haven't tried SPUD and you live in Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Orange County or San Francisco & Bay area, sign up and use my referral code CREDM-TIDDIA to receive $20 OFF your first order ($50 minimum). Happy shopping! And if you need a little inspo, here are a few of my favorite recipes I've created with SPUD over the past year :)

3 day juice cleanse
grilled veggie nourish bowl
vegetarian tomato tart
Watermelon Drink
vegan fudgesicles
goji berry tea
raw chocolate

Raw Chocolate (technically not a recipe, but you order this from SPUD)

watermelon radish recipe