Watermelon Radish Toast

Over the weekend I decided to try a new toast experiment and the results were pretty much amazing (if I do say so myself). Armed with a watermelon radish, cucumber and microgreens from my SPUD order I made a tasty lunch that James and I have been craving ever since! The bread I use is a little bit sweet then you get the creaminess of the cheese which is freshened up with crisp cucumber and just a bit of crunch and a peppery taste with the radish. I'm no chef but to me, it's a pretty perfect combination. Here's what you'll need....

Toast (I love this bread but you can use any bread of your choice)

Thinly sliced cucumber and watermelon radish

Borsin herb and garlic cheese (next time I make this I'm going to try goat cheese, or maybe cream cheese mixed with a few herbs- try a new combo, this recipe isn't fussy!)

Microgreens to garnish (these are sunflower)

Salt and Pepper to taste

watermelon radish toast
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best fast lunch

To make this easy lunch, toast your bread then spread your cheese on the toast. Lay your sliced cucumber down first and then place a layer of the thinly sliced watermelon radish over top. I like to place it over the cucumber because it's prettier (true story lol) so the order doesn't really matter. I then topped with a little salt and pepper to taste then finished it off by garnishing with my microgreens. 

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fast healthy lunch
yummy healthy lunch
quick healthy lunch

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quick and healthy lunch