Loving - My Fitset Pass

Fitset is a pass that allows you to try different gyms with only one monthly membership. So far I've loved trying out a few spin studios and of course you remember me telling you all about Surf Set, so it's safe to say I'm loving trying out some new studios I've never been to before. With over 60 studios included, there are so many great studios and clases I can't wait to try.  Next on my list to try with Fitset - rock climbing! Stay tuned 

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Crushing On- Fringe and Feather

My jaw hit the floor the floor when I saw these gorgeous wall hangings made by my girl Chantelle. The Boheme (pictured below) is by far my favorite but after seeing her other stunning wall hangings and weaves in person, they're all amazing! This girl has got some serious talent and these wall hangings have such amazing texture to them, now I just need to decide which one of these pieces I need in my life! 

fringe wall hanging

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Drinking - Lattes from Bru Coffee + Beer House

A little while ago I finally made it to Bru Coffee + Beer House and it did not disappoint. I've been wanting to go ever since they opened after seeing photos of the yummy looking food and lattes + the amazing decor. On a cold day I snuck in to take some photos for my feature on Sweet Jolie and while I was at it, had the best latte. Word on the street is that they have a killer dark hot chocolate too so I'll be back!

Eating - These Spinach Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

Always looking for new yummy recipes I stumbled upon this image on pinterest and immediately needed to try these sweet potatoes. What could be better than sweet potato, spinach and cheese all mixed together and baked to perfection? Nothing. I've been eating these on repeat for lunches this week and I'll definitely be making them again.

Watching - Chelsea does.... 

Oh Chelsea how I've missed you! I love Chelsea Handler so naturally I blasted through her new Netflix series, Chelsea does. From marriage to tech, racism and even drugs, Chelsea tackles controversial issues with her own usual sarcastic and hilarious style and the results do not disappoint. 

chelsea handler netflix docu-series