National Compliment Day

Did you guys know that this Sunday is National Compliment Day? I didn't even know this day existed until recently but I love it! I think we could all use a reminder to be a bit nicer to one another and small compliments can go a long way in making someone feel better about themselves and brightening their day. Some obvious compliments to think of are along the lines of "I love those shoes", or "You're having a great hair day", etc but if you want to spice things up a little bit in the compliment department I've got a few unorthodox compliments you might want to consider (most of which I've totally ripped from Daily Odd Compliment which I highly suggest checking out). So without further ado and in full 'cheesy tumblr quote style' here you go- some inspiration for this Sunday's National Compliment Day, go ahead - send one of these to your bestie and make their day. Enjoy!