10 Random Facts About Me

As I stood in the cold wind on a saturday afternoon in an industrial part of Edmonton (as we all do on our weekends off- don't we?) I thought to myself, what am I going to blog about here? I could talk about how I'm super in love with this fringe shirt, how I'm still loving this pink coat over a year later, how I've been wearing my Berg & Betts watch and my Dawn Day Jewelry Alberta made accessories pretty much every day but then I thought well, maybe today I should do something a little different. I've been blogging now for over 2 years and if you follow along and read every day you'll pick up on some facts about me but chances are if you're new around here or just don't get a chance to read every post, you might not actually know that much about me. To try something a little new I thought I'd share 10 totally random facts about me so you can get to know the girl behind the blog a little bit better. I hope you enjoy! And I'd love to hear a fact or two about you as well, let me know in the comments below! XO

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1. I was born in Toronto, Ontario. Although I've lived the majority of my life right here in Edmonton Alberta, I was born in Toronto but moved to Edmonton at only a few months old and have called this great city my home ever since. 

2. I'm almost ambidextrous. When I was 16 I suffered a major shoulder injury playing volleyball that required over a year of healing and physiotherapy before I needed surgery. Since I spent almost two years in a sling I had to learn to do pretty much everything with my left hand. My writing is pretty atrocious but as a fun fact I'm a pretty good ping pong player and still play with my left hand even today.

3. My greatest fear is wasps. I've always been absolutely terrified of wasps but as a child I went on a family trip to BC and my stepmom stepped on a hornets nest and was stung so many times we couldn't count. It was a pretty traumatizing experience (even though it didn't even happen to me! lol) To this day I'm absolutely terrified of being stung/bit and any unidentified flying bug is a wasp until proven otherwise. 

4. Pretty much every dream I have involves Herman. This is a true fact that at times worries James and I'm sure a few psychologists could read into this and tell me all kinds of crazy things about how I'm a little too obsessed with my dog; but seriously every time I dream, Herman is involved one way or another. Whether I'm running away from zombies in my dreams after binge watching the walking dead or I'm hanging out with celebrities at a party (both legit dreams I've had), Herman always makes an appearance. Basically, I think I'm maybe a little too obsessed with Herman but I don't mind and I don't think he does either! haha 

5. I'm a little chambray obsessed. With 5 shirts and 2 dresses and no signs of any future chambray purchases stopping any time soon, chambray is an absolute essential in my wardrobe. If you see me out and about there's a very good chance you'll see me wearing this look and I have no shame. What can I say, I love a good classic piece!

6. My shoulder hurts before it snows. My family jokes that I'm basically a 90 year old woman with arthritis but because of my shoulder injury (as previously mentioned) I actually do have arthritis in my shoulder so when the weather changes and starts to get cold, my shoulder aches and then everyone around me knows to prepare for a cold snap! It's not always totally accurate but it's a funny running joke between my friends and family. Maybe as I get older I'll hone in on my craft and become more accurate ;) 

7. My boyfriend and I met in Las Vegas (classy! lol). James and I have been together almost 4 years and it all began in Las Vegas; and I promise you it sounds far more scandalous than it actually was! To make a long story short we crossed paths at a pool party and we hit it off right away. We spent only about an hour together and that was it! Two days later when I got home I had a Facebook message from James and we spoke every day since. Two months later he came out to visit and the rest is history. 

8. I'm a wannabe vegan. I'm not a big meat eater and recently have been eating a vegetarian diet and would love to be fully plant based one day (especially after watching this and this documentary) but there are just a few things I think I'd really struggle to live without. I won't say that I'll never eat meat again but I definitely am working towards a more animal free diet. 

9. Staples is one of my favourite stores. Yes you read that right, Staples the office store is one of my favourite places! As a kid I LOVED shopping for school supplies and that strange love has translated into my adulthood. To this day I love shopping for pens, folders, organizers and desk accessories.

10. I love spicy foods! We go through hot sauce, sambal oelek and siracha like water in our house. I used to hate spicy foods and had a really low tolerance for heat but after high school I started eating more vietnamese and thai foods that expanded my spicy food horizons and over the years I've become completely obsessed and now the hotter, the better! On pizza, pasta and even brocolli, I put hot sauce on almost everything!