Dr. Roebucks

Hot on the heels of my declaration to make better beauty decisions I branched out of my normal skincare routine and wanted to find a skincare line that was cruelty free, and free of toxins, parabens and BPAs. Enter: Dr. Roebuck's

I was definitely familiar with Dr. Roebuck's before but had never tried any of their products. I decided to hop fully on the Dr. Roebuck's train and give their full skincare routine a try which is something I don't do often. I'll usually mix and match brands and products but wanted to see if I'd notice a difference using a full line of natural products. 

Let's start with the cleanser. 'CLEANSE' is a creamy cleanser with a natural scent. One thing I'm realizing is that there must be so many artificial scents in the products I use because this is one of the first products I've used that doesn't smell artificial. Because it's a cream cleanser without any exfoliant I use it twice to make sure I get any and all makeup residue off and then with my skin feeling squeaky clean, I'm onto the next step.

Dr Roebucks Review

The next step in the process is the TONE. This product actually doesn't have much of a scent at all which is actually really nice because for the past year or so I've been using my homemade toner which I love and which works wonderfully but definitely has a smell that isn't the most pleasant so yay Dr. Roebuck's!

Dr Roebucks Review

The last step is the PURE moisturiser. The first time I used the moisturiser I was a little worried because it's quite heavy. I have oily combination skin and was worried a heavy moisturiser would cause me to break out but actually, it's been amazing. The areas where my skin was dry are all gone and it's actually an amazing moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

Dr Roebucks Review

The last product is actually my favorite - I've saved the best for last, the  POLISH. This product is a cleaning mask with natural jojoba exfoliating beads (meaning none of this $#!t) that you apply to clean skin, allow to dry for 2-3 minutes and then remove. Because it contains grapefruit and peppermint it leaves your skin feeling incredibly fresh. This product is a game changer for sure and I definitely recommend trying!

Dr. Roebuck's Polish