5 Tips To Get The Best Sleep

Well, as you may have seen around the blog lately (check here and here for examples) - things have been coming along nicely over at the #204ParkHouseBuild and our next room we're looking to decorate is our spare room.  We decided to turn our spare bedroom into a fully functional guest bedroom so naturally, the first step was to find a bed and mattress.

Anyone who's slept on a bad mattress can tell you how important it is to find a good one. A good sleep sets your tone for the day ahead. Poor sleep leads to low energy, mental exhaustion and can have some pretty serious detrimental effects on your health so naturally, when we were picking out a new mattress, we wanted it to be a good one. 

tips for the best sleep

James and I went over to the Brick and did a few full on in store lay down tests to see exactly what kind of mattress we wanted. We both like a mattress on the firmer side (yes please back support!) but with a plush pillowtop for comfort. Plus, Herman loves a good pillowtop and obviously his opinion is very important! lol

After trying out a few we selected the Serta iSeries® Atmosphere Tight-Top Plush Queen Mattress Set. It's firm but comfy, and supportive thanks to the individually wrapped pocket coils and gel memory foam. 

And to make the deal even sweeter - it's also 55% off this black friday! That's a saving of over $1200 on a queen sized mattress like we got! Meaning this mattress that's over $2100 will be less than $1000! Hellooooo sweet deal!! So if you're looking for a new mattress (um, talk about a perfect "Merry Christmas to me" gift, or preparation for the in-laws) head over to The Brick on friday to check out this mattress (I highly recommend it) along with the others that will be MAJORLY on sale! Check here for this week's Black Friday deals.

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In addition to my little "a good mattress is very important" PSA - I also want to talk about sleep. We all need it. We all love it (we all do love it, right? I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't love a good night's sleep) and it's something we all have in common. 

A good night's sleep is important for muscle repair, memory strength, creativity, mental health and function and brain function and attention among other benefits. So with that being said, getting a good nights sleep is something that should be on everyone's radar. 

You might remember that last year I worked to become a better morning person and these tips all still apply but today I want to talk about my tips for getting to sleep and staying asleep. 

tips for the best sleep

Tip #1: No Screens

I mentioned this before but it's so important that I thought it was worth repeating. Turn off your TV, put away your tablets and get that smart phone out of your room. Even better - stay away from your screens for the hour before going to bed. Trust me, it's tough but it works. Plus - it's kind of awesome disconnecting from your tech for a bit. You'll thank me for it.

Tip #2: Create a Ritual

We're all creatures of habit and to fall asleep easier, it's best to come up with a bedtime routine of sorts. Your routine can be as elaborate as a warm bubble bath followed by herbal tea and lavender candles or as simple as taking 5 minutes of quiet to follow your skincare routine. If you try to go to sleep at the same time (roughly) every evening and follow a similar routine your body will recognize the habit and fall asleep more easily over time. 

Tip #3: Start WIth a Solid Foundation

Your mattress, your bedding and your pillows play a major role in the quality of sleep you'll get. Obviously your mattress is the first  building block of a good sleep. Everyone's sleep preferences are different so you want to take time selecting the perfect mattress for you. The same goes for your pillows and even your sheets. Invest in quality pieces that will allow you a comfortable and restful sleep.

Tip #4: Sleep With a Notepad Next To Your Bed

If you're an evening over thinker like I am, one of the likely annoyances we share is likely all of the 'to-do's' that pop into your head as you're trying to fall asleep. This is why I sleep with a notepad next to my bed. If you type a note in your phone instead, the bright screen will work against you as you try to fall asleep so while a notepad might be a bit old school, it won't mess with your sleep patterns like your phone will.

Tip #5: Exercise

It's unbelievable how noticeably different my sleep quality is when I exercise vs when I don't. Including fitness in your weekly encourages a deeper and better sleep. If you find yourself tossing and turning before bed or unable to fall asleep at night, try hitting the gym a few times a week. Even getting outside for a brisk walk or getting to the pool a few times a week will work wonders.

Sweet dreams friends!

PS Stay tuned for a full bedroom reveal coming soon - I'm loving this bed frame, these bedside tables and these lamps we have so far but we'll be finishing up this room shortly and I can't wait to show you how it all comes together!

tips for getting the best sleep