5 Easy Ways to Manage Stress

I don't know about you but sometimes it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. It doesn't matter what you do for work, what your social calendar is like or where you live, it seems like everyone I speak to admits to feeling the same way every once in awhile. 

While I'd love to take a relaxing beach vacation multiple times a year unfortunately, that's not really an option. So how do you go about finding a way to relax and de-stress without breaking the bank or if you're on a time crunch?

1. Essential Oils

Lately I've become obsessed with using essential oils. We have a Saje Nebulizer in our bedroom that I'm officially obsessed with! I've been testing out the best of Saje oil blends and they've been a real game changer. I'm bad for lying in bed before going to sleep and going over everything I need to do the next day or didn't get done that day so instead, I'm trying to "find my inner chi"- if you will, and zen out a bit and these oils are great for helping that process. I set the nebulizer as I'm getting ready for bed so my whole rooms smells so lovely and calming. So far my fave oils are tranquility and exhale - how can you not be calm with names like that?!

2. Reading with a cup of tea

I've spoken a few times about how I feel like I  never get enough time to read so lately, I've been trying to set a goal to read 10 minutes a day. Everyone can do that, right? The thing is, that usually, I allow myself to continue reading past that point when my alarm goes off. Sometimes we need to force ourselves to take the time to relax and do things just for us. Our responsibilities can wait for ten minutes surely. 

3. Exercising

Oh guys this is a HUGE one! I know that when I'm not regularly working out my energy levels are crap, I feel bad about myself and I find I lack motivation in other areas of my life as well. I get it, it's hard to find that time in the day and not everyone loves working out but you'd be amazed how great you start to feel when you make it a habit. When I'm crunched for time I like to search 10 or 15 minute HIIT workouts on YouTube and get in a quick sweat. Even just 10-15 minutes makes a difference!

4. Put on a facemask and 'do you'

When I get stressed it seems like everything I do is rushed, and I lose the enjoyment in my daily rituals. I'm a bit of a skincare freak so taking time to 'pamper myself' on the regular is something I'm trying to incorporate into my routine. You don't need to book yourself a whole spa day to get in a little relaxing and self care. Find a mask you love that needs 10-15 minutes to set. While you wear it, cuddle your dog, cat, favourite human or read a book, put on some sweet tunes and dance around in your underwear. Basically - just do you. My favourite mask lately is this charcoal mask from beautycounter. Charcoal is amazing for sucking the crap outta your face (that's my crude way of saying it's amazing for clearing your pores) and it has peppermint in it which is refreshing and invigorating. Love it!

5. Take a bath

I LOVE taking baths. There's something so calming about slipping into a hot bubble bath, lighting some candles and putting on some music to relax. Confession: sometimes I take my ipad into the tub and binge watch netflix for a bit when I need to hide out and get in some 'me' time. Pro tip: have the ultimate relaxing zen zone by combining essential oils, a face mask, a good book and even a glass of wine to achieve ultimate bliss ;)

There you go, follow these tips and you'll be calm AF, for at least 10 minutes at least and hey, that's better than nothing, right?!