Badass Female Halloween Costume: Beyonce

With Halloween just around the corner I've been giving a lot of thought to simple and inexpensive DIY costume ideas. This year for Halloween I'd love to see my fellow females dress as some of the most badass women out there like Rosie the Riveter, Hillary Clinton, Katniss Everdeen or even, Beyonce. 

So, what makes Beyonce so badass you ask?

Well, aside from being a chart topping performer she sings about controversial topics like race and gender inequality and brings these issues to mainstream media. She consistently supports other females (especially women of color) and goes out of her way to support women (did anyone see her badass guitar players solo on tour) and encourage equality. I thought for my series on DIY badass female halloween costumes, there could be no other woman to start with. 

One of my favourite songs from her latest album Lemonade was Hold Up and by far this video was one of the most recognizable from that album. So if Queen Bey is on your radar for Halloween this year, I'd suggest going with the angry Bey option and go all out with her stand out look from Hold Up. 

DIY'ing this costume for yourself is actually pretty easy. Grab a yellow dress and throw on a black bralette underneath. Curl that hair and get it wild and then finish your look with a nude lip and saucy smokey eye. Gold hoops, gold bangles, gold chains, rings and accessories scream " B*tch I'm fabulous", as you stomp around in your platform sandals swingin' your bat. And just like that, you're Beyonce. 

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I share a few more badass female halloween costume ideas. Is there anyone in particular you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments below!