Best Backless Barstools

When it came time to select bar stools for the #204ParkHouseBuild, it was not an easy task. As I've mentioned before, James and I are both pretty opinionated when it comes to our decor choices so there was MUCH back and forth before we finally settled on ours. In a perfect world, I would have loved these ones but alas, our budget was too tight for these beauties so for now, we're enjoying the ones we purchased instead. I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful backless bar stools I came across in my search in case you're looking too. These range from high to low all across the board price wise but one thing they have in common, they're all fabulous (or at least I think so)!

Best Backless Barstools

1. This list wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a pink barstool

2. I'm still loving clear lucite

3. I love this barstool for it's minimalist scandinavian vibe

4. Black + gold is a classic combo

5. Light natural looking wood is always a good look

6. White, modern and minimal

7. Industrial but simple

8. I love the natural look of this wooden stool

9. Another simple neutral that I love

10. Walnut mid century modern beauty

11. Walnut again, what can I say - I'm a little obsessed

12. I love the unique look of this cork stool

13. Black + gold in a more minimal look - I love it

14. Simple, black, classic design

15. This luxe beauty might not be practical (fur where you eat?) but it sure is stunning

16. The stool we ended up with - the perfect mix of modern, eclectic with a bit of warmth

17. High shine + gold - yes please

18. Simple, neutral and inexpensive

19. Loving this minimal stool with an eclectic feel

20. Unique and minimal

And while we're at it, I thought I'd share two local loves. These stools from Oliver Apt have been on my radar for a long time, I freaking love them. While these ones in particular aren't barstool height, they can customize barstools and they're equally as fabulous. 

skinny legs oliver apt

As well, as soon as I saw IZM's new pigeon stool my heart skipped a beat. I love, love, LOVE this stool. Unfortunately, they're a bit out of our budget at this time but can we just take a minute to ooh and ahh over how beautiful these are?! *le sigh* Next time Diana, next time