Best Non-Toxic Lipgloss

For a gloss girl like myself, I spend so much of my day slathering on lipgloss that it's important to me that I'm using products that are safe, non toxic and cruelty free as well. After all when you think about how quickly your skin absorbs what you put on it, it's pretty gross to think about how many chemicals you could be absorbing into your body with certain beauty brands! Today I wanted to share my 3 favourite non toxic, organic and cruelty free lipglosses that I think everyone should have in their makeup bag.

Evelyn Iona Lipgloss in Maple via LuvMe Organics

For a nude go to gloss, this one is by far my favourite. I already sung it's praises in this post but in case you need a reminder I love this gloss because it's creamy and moisturising without being tacky or goopy. The consistency is perfect, it smells good enough to eat AND it's certified organic. What's not to love about that?!

vegan organic lipgloss

Zorah Cosmetics Lipgloss in Color Eva 

I just LOVE this lipgloss! Zorah cosmetics is an amazing brand (I'll be sharing more about them in a post coming soon!) but their products are vegan (with the exception of a few products that contain beeswax), all natural and mostly organic. This gloss has great color with a bit of sparkle and the perfect consistency. It also contains anti aging and soothing ingredients so it feels as good as it looks! Pick it up at Planet Organic and give it a try for yourself!

vegan lipgloss

Beauty Counter Lipgloss, Colors Dahlia, Peony & Buff

Beauty Counter is slowly becoming one of my favourite beauty brands. Their glosses remind me of MAC's Lipglass meets Lancome's Juicy Tubes (remember the Juicy Tube days?). The consistency is smooth and sheer but you get enough color for a subtle look with just one swipe. I carry all 3 of these in my purse at pretty much all times so I know I'll never be without! Plus, their cosmetics are made with ingredients that are over 80% natural and organic and they choose safe ingredients that are non-toxic! 

beautycounter lipgloss
natural organic lipgloss