Best of Ikea

Earlier this week I went to Ikea to pick up a few pieces for the #204ParkHouseBuild. I grabbed some plants, a few baskets and vases among a few other things and as always, left thinking "Man I effing love IKEA". In my opinion, a well designed home is contains a collection of furnishings and accessories gathered over time. Some newer, higher end or more costly with a mix of budget friendly pieces such as those from Ikea. So today, in celebration of affordable design, I thought I'd share some of the pieces I'm loving right now at Ikea. Are any of these your favourites too?

interior designer ikea favorites

For the monochromatic lovers of wood, black, brass and white - Ikea's got you covered with some seriously designer worthy pieces that look way higher end than they actually are. 

Above: Runner // Pitcher // Basket // Cork Stool // Bench // Chair // Brass Candle Holder // Black Wicker Chair // Basket // Glass Vase // Striped Area Rug 

interior designer ikea favorites

For those opting for a more minimalist or Scandinavian style, these light and airy pieces look like they're straight outta pinterest, just beautiful; and wallet friendly too!

Rocking Chair // Cabinet // Brass Bowl // Runner // Wooden Chair // Area Rug // Wooden Stool // Brass Tray // Basket // Pink Chair // Side Table w/Storage