Best Tips For Smooth Summer Skin

With summer officially here there's so much to look forward to. Days at the beach, walks and bike rides outside and long days that turn into late nights with friends. With summer comes dry heat, harmful UV rays, a higher risk for dehydration and other possibly detrimental effects on our skin. These are a few of my tips for keeping your skin healthy and in top shape this summer season. 


Summer is the season when we bare our skin in hopes of catching a few rays and of course, to try to stay cool and beat the heat. If you're exposing your arms, legs, feet and other areas, you'll want to make sure your skin is smooth and soft. You don't wan't flaky dry skin ruining your cute summer looks! ;) In addition to reasons that are purely based in vanity, it's also important to exfoliate so you can remove your old dead skin cells. This allows for moisturising products to effectively hydrate your skin and give your skin an overall healthy glow and appearance. 

1. Josie Maran Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub 

This is a yummy sugar scrub made with 100% argan oil and sugar crystals so that as you exfoliate, you moisturise also. 

2. Dr. Roebuck's Polish Facial Scrub

This has been hands down my best beauty discovery of the year so far.  Trust me - try this, you'll LOVE it!

3. Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder 

A unique exfoliating powder, once mixed with water this treatment creates an exfoliating paste that is gentle enough you can use it daily. 

4. Clinique Exfoliating Scrub 

This clinique scrub is a clasic and a great go to if you have oily skin. It will help not only exfoliate dead skin cells but also clear your complexion and unclog pores too. 

5. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator 

This gel exfoliator is for your whole body to refresh and rejuvenate tired and dead skin. Perfect to use before a day at the beach or pool, or before you bust out your short shorts! ;)



Once you've exfoliated, you're ready to moisturise. Moisturising regularly helps your skin maintain elasticity, ensuring your skin looks young and healthy for longer. Not to mention, dry skin certainly doesn't feel very nice. When it comes to your face, moisturising is incredibly important when trying to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maintain that youthful glow we're all going for.

1. Tarte TarteGuard 30

In the summer months when we typically spend more time outdoors it is SO important to use a facial moisturiser with SPF. This tarte one is fantastic

2. Dr. Roebuck's Pure

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Roebucks and if you have dry or sensitive skin then you NEED to try the PURE moisturiser. It will change your life. 

3. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20

This is a fabulous moisturiser with a bit of color, all kinds of moisturising goodness and to top it all off, SPF which I mentioned before is an absolute must in the summer!

4. Vichy Normadern Daily Anti-Acne Hydrating Lotion

This moisturiser has changed my life. I talk both here and here about how amazing it is especially if you suffer from breakouts, acne scarring or uneven skin tone then you need to try it!



Hydration probably should have been my first point in this post because it is 100% the most important. We all know that it's important to drink water but we might not know how being dehydrated can negatively impact your skin. The skin is our largest organ and it's incredibly important to keep it hydrated so it can be strong, healthy and of course, keep us looking bright and fresh and (here we go again) youthful. So go grab a glass, fill it up with some H20 and then come back to read my final tips, m'kay?!


As much as we'd all love to have smooth, gorgeous skin that's flawless, even by following these tips perfectly, that likely won't be the case. Sorry to burst your bubble. The truth is we're all human, we all have 'flaws' (aka, quirks that make us unique and awesome) and because of this, no one (not even supermodels) have perfect skin. Like I mentioned before, I've learned to embrace my imperfections but that being said, it doesn't mean that I don't use a few products to give a girl some help in the skin department. 

1. Rocky Mountain Soap Co Vanilla Coconut Sunscreen

How delish does vanilla and coconut sound?! This summer, why not swap out your sunscreen for a natural one? 

2. St Tropez Tanner

We all know by now that the rays from the sun can be harmful, and don't even get me started on tanning beds! But if you're still looking for that 'J-Lo Glow' then give a self tanner like this one a try. 

 3.  Shiseido After Sun Intensive Recovery Emulsion

If you happen to ignore my advice on using SPF moisturiser on your face, you'll want to try this repair treatment to revitalise your skin. As an added bonus it's also cruelty free! 

4. Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Bright SPF 30 Skin Tone Correcting Oil-Free Moisturiser

This moisturiser is a dream for correcting uneven skin tone and dark spots. It's oil free and also contains SPF so it's a win-win-win if you ask me!

5. Murad Firming Peptide Treament

Ever since I first tried this product last year I've been loving it. Like I mentioned before, I've learned to accept my body the way it is which includes a little jiggle and wiggle but that being said, I see no problem with using a firming cream to help out a little bit ;) I highly recommend giving this one a try!