Blush Bedroom Refresh

Well Spring is definitely in the air and of course that means I’m loving all the pastels, especially blush! As a pink loving gal I’ve been trying to sneak pops of pink into my house for a long time now but alas, James has not been on board. So, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I showed him the bedding we now have in our bedroom and he went ‘sure, go for it’!

minimalist bedroom, blush bedding

Our bedroom has always been one of my favourite spaces in our house. I love our bed frame and nightstands and although the art and lamps seem to rotate out fairly often, our bedding has always been white. I’ve been toying with painting this room or wallpapering for awhile but to be honest, as we’re not sure how much longer we’ll be in this house, I’m hesitant to do much more than change out decorative items at this point so when IKEA asked if I’d be interested in partnering on a $200 bedroom refresh for this instagram post, I thought it would be the perfect way to add a bit of color in a totally affordable and easy way.

I’m so happy with how fresh but cozy our room feels. The blush tone is subtle enough that it’s James approved but it adds enough color that I feel like the space feels pretty different!

Right now although I love the bedside lamps, I feel like they’re not quite the right fit for this current set up so my eyes are peeled for a good deal on some new lamps but other than that, I’m loving this room! What do you think of the subtle blush tone?

My bedroom details are linked below but as always, feel free to email or comment below with any questions!

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