Fall Decor Wishlist

Now that James and I are more settled into our home and have most of our basics in, we've been working away at more of the decor side of things. For us the process of compromising, selecting and planning away has been taking quite a bit of time as we're both VERY opinionated with our designs (that's an understatement ps haha). Seeing as I spend so much time sourcing online goods I thought I'd share a few of the pieces I'm LOVING right now! What do you think of these? Which is your fave?

Fall Decor Wishlist

So let's talk a little about these goodies, shall we....

1. I love this ladder towel rack. I'd like to put one in our upstairs bathroom (photos coming soon) and I've been on the hunt for one with a slim profile. I feel like this one fits the bill plus it will go perfectly with our washroom design plan

2. Oh Modernica just KILLS ME with these planters! I love them so much and even though they're pretty pricey I can't help but want like 12 of them to put EVERYWHERE! haha That being said I'm working on a little project coming up where I'm going to try to get this look for less so stay tuned for that....

3. My office is slowly coming together now and seeing as I now have a desk and chair (I know, can you believe it?!) we're getting closer and closer to this space being done. I'd like to find a soft pink area rug like this one to put in my feminine corner of my home and I think this one would be a great addition to the room. 

4. I cannot get enough of the turkish towel trend. I'm shamelessly 100% on board with my turkish throws and towels being all over the house. Once we get our towel rack in our bathroom, I'd like to have a few of these beauties hanging from them for both beauty and function.

5. It should be no surprise that I'm also still all over anything brass and this terrarium vase is so cute! I'd love to have it on one of my many bookshelves that still need styling!

6. Brass again! haha I'm currently in the midst of a round mirror obsession so as soon as I saw this one, I knew I needed it in my home. I just got word the other day that it arrived in stock at the Brick and I should be receiving it this week! *Cue excitement* I'll be sure to show it off once it arrives :)

7. Stripes and pom poms are pretty much the perfect combo if you ask me! I have a bit of a blanket obsession AKA I have 2 in every room of our house. What can I say, I like to be cozy! lol I love this neutral throw and think it would look great in our place as well

8. I know it might seem silly given how pricey they are but I can't help but want a diptyque candle SO badly! Do any of you have one? Are they worth it? Either way, this girl wants one, or six (haha) of them for all over the house! 

9. This bench is going to be the newest addition to our dining space and I'm so excited to get it! Right now our space is very white and very sparse as we've hung no curtains or art yet but as you might remember, I have big plans for this room and I think this bench from the Brick is going to fit in perfectly!

10. Our living room is nowhere near complete but in that space I'm hoping to add pops of blue through accents and accessories like this cute little vase

11. Every time I see another gorgeous Nate Berkus piece my heart breaks a little more that Target left Canada. I love this stool and actually have some plans to try to DIY something like this for Herman so stay tuned to see how that turns out!

12. In addition to my modernica planter obsession I've also had my eye on this beauty for a long time. I'd love to have this planter for my entry, my bedroom or our living room - again, this is another piece that I could make work in almost any area of our home because I love it SO much!!

13. As I mentioned earlier, in this house I want to have greenery everywhere! If you ask me, if you've got a space and you don't know what to put there - pop in a plant! haha I love this little guy and the concrete vase it comes in. This would be perfect in basically any room in our house - I'll take three! haha 

Happy decorating!