Fashion Staples Every Girl Should Have

Trends come and go, but there are certain basics that are just here to stay.  We've all been guilty in the past of buying something simply because it's in fashion - not because it actually suits us or we really like it. It's a common mistake to make that I've certainly been guilty of in the past. To avoid any fashion faux pas such as wearing a trend that doesn't suit you, or spending money on a look that you'll only wear once, the safest and smartest bet is to build your wardrobe mostly with timeless basics and then add a trend in here or there. Take a look at these top picks for the pieces your closet just can't do without.

A Pair of Jeans That Fits You Perfectly

Jeans are an absolute style staple in the closet of pretty much everyone. Denim jeans were first introduced in 1873 by an American tailor named Jacob Davies. He created the concept after a customer came in asking for a pair of trousers her husband could chop wood in. Davies was eventually hired by his denim supplier, Levi & Strauss (ring any bells?) to produce denim jeans for the masses. Since then, we have never looked back. The bootcut was the style of choice in the 90s and early 2000s, but these days a good slim leg jean is the ultimate must-have. Black is versatile and goes with everything - but you can't go wrong with a good pair of classic blue jeans so you should own a pair of each that makes you feel fabulous!

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Here's a few pairs I love that are all under $100

A selection of basic tees and camis

Basics are the building blocks for any wardrobe so tees and camis are a must! High quality pieces will last longer and wear better over time but just because items are must-haves doesn't mean they have to be super expensive. Look out for websites such as where you can access vouchers for money off huge online fashion retailers. Be careful to check the material before you buy. Anything with too much polyester will look cheap and may be too thin. Choose neutral colours such as grey, white and black, with maybe one slightly brighter one thrown in for good measure. Dusty pink is a great option for this fall. Pair with jeans or a plain skirt for a simple yet stylish look. These ones are all under $40 and are the perfect basics for any wardrobe. 

A Black Boot

Black boots are a style staple that can take you effortlessly from season to season. Choosing a boot with a low heel can also mean that your outfit can easily move from day to night. Leather or faux leather works best for a black boot, as long as you care for the material well enough. In the summer, pair with a short dress for a cool festival look, or with jeans and a scarf in fall for seasonal cool. A good pair of boots is worth investing in. Check out Poppy Barley for some of my favourites or check out the other boots I love below

A Leather Jacket

As the fall approaches, you'll need some kind of coat that will stop the chill getting to you on an evening. In the case of jackets, there are so many different ones that can be considered a 'style must-have' but I love a leather moto jacket as a wardrobe essential. Sticking to neutral colours means  you don't have to worry about wearing a coordinating outfit. Wear a leather biker jacket, over a short summer dress, with jeans and booties or almost any outfit to look instantly cool.