Five Swoon Worthy Bathrooms with Gorgeous Tubs

The other day I was scrolling through the thousands of photos on my phone (no joke lol!) when I came across this photo below I took a few months back when I was touring a show home in Edmonton. This bathroom stopped me in my tracks as I was walking through this house. The contrast of the black and white, the addition of the warm wood, the modern fixture of course that hex tile fading into the hardwood all left me basically drooling but the real showstopper was that tub. I mean, come on!! The organic shape is modern and minimalist but still inviting and I don't know about you but I feel like I could pretty much just curl up in that tub and live as a happy gal for the rest of my days! haha 

So, in stumbling upon this photo I began thinking about how a tub can really make a bathroom space come to life, feel complete and set the tone for the rest of the space. Today, I'm sharing 5 washrooms that are envy inducing (consider yourselves warned) and despite they're varying styles they all have one thing in common: a seriously swoon worthy tub! 

minimalist washroom design

1. This Gorgeous Heritage Washroom Renovation

Now I feel like I should admit a bit of a bias when it comes to this space as I have spent a fair amount of time admiring this tub both from afar and in person, as this space belongs to my dear friend Justine. Justine and her husband have been lovingly renovating and restoring their heritage home and their washroom is a serious showstopper - just take a look at the rest of the space here and prepare to swoon! Funny story: Justine, Kristina and I actually ended a girls night drinking wine in this tub in the midst of the bathroom reno, all three of us squished inside discussing design plans for the space into the early hours of the morning! So obviously this had to be my first share ;) 

claw foot tub with brass
claw foot tub with brass fixtures
clawfoot tub with brass fixtures

2. This Modern but Feminine Bathroom

If you ask me Amber Interiors can do no wrong so naturally I fell in love with this washroom that blends classic elements with modern finishes and a touch of elegance and femininity that creates a gorgeous bathroom that I could only dream of having for myself! *le sigh* I think what I especially love about this space is the introduction of colors and textures that add a richness to a space that is otherwise quite simple. And that tub... oh the hours I'd spend in there! 

modern feminine bathroom
standalone tub, feminine bathroom
white bathroom with light wood vanity

3. This Small Space with Big Drama

This is a washroom reno that I absolutely adore! This bathroom is both on trend but also classic with a vintage charm. It has the very trendy black, white and wood combo but so much character and personality with all of the greenery and great texture through art and accents! 

washroom with black bathtub
bathroom renovation black tub
modern bathroom with black bathtub

4.  This Fashionista's Glamorous Bathroom

My jaw hit the floor when I came across this image on Pinterest and then when I learned that this home belonged to the impeccably stylish Jenna Lyons it all made sense. While I don't think I could ever commit to this level of drama in my own home I find myself incredibly drawn into the luxe marble, rich colors and eclectic styling of this beautiful space! 

jenna lyons bathroom, marble sink and tub
marble washroom
dramatic marble bathroom
marble bathroom

5. This Coastal Meets Minimalist Space

Lastly, I wanted to share this minimalist coastal washroom that's one that keeps catching my eye on Pinterest over the past year or so. I love the clean simplicity of this room that still manages to maintain a warmth and casualness to it. I'd happily move right on in, what about you?!

minimalist bathroom
modern coastal bathroom