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Today I want to talk about one of the major issues that James and I had when he first moved here, and how SPUD helped us work through it. It might sound silly but when James first moved here from England, one of our biggest areas of tension was grocery shopping. 

We had been dating for over a year long distance before James moved to Canada and we immediately moved in together. As most couples go through when they first move in together, we had our period of adjusting to one another's routines and quirks but the area that caused us the most arguments initially was when we would go grocery shopping. Let me explain...

SPUD Groceries

I always thought I ate pretty healthy when I lived on my own. I cooked most of my meals, bought fresh produce and tried to eat a healthy balanced diet. But when James moved here, any time we'd go grocery shopping I'd get so frustrated with him because I'd put something in the cart, he'd pick it up, read the ingredients and go "nope, not buying this" and put it back on the shelf. In the UK they have far stricter food standards than we do in North America so there are a ton of ingredients that companies are allowed to add to our food that James would pick up on because he recognized them as not being allowed in the UK. It blew my mind when we'd go grocery shopping and I'd pick up a jar of pasta sauce only to have James point out the chemicals and shocking ingredients I'd have never thought to look for. Even canned tomatoes can be hiding added sugar and other ingredients you'd never think you'd have to check for! Talk about annoying.

SPUD Grocery Delivery

So, while I found him super annoying and we'd bicker a bit in the grocery aisles, it ultimately was an incredibly eye opening experience for me to realize how much added sugar and chemicals I was eating without realizing it! Not too long after James moved out I became a SPUD brand ambassador. Finally, James and I could shop knowing that SPUD already did the leg work for us, promising not to carry any products with this list of banned ingredients. No longer would James and I have to spend forever reading labels and checking the ingredients. It's saved us time and it's stopped a lot of mid-grocery aisle bickering haha

 If you've been on the fence about trying SPUD, they're offering the perfect way for you to get a taste of what it's like to get local, organic groceries delivered right to your door. New customers can try the Weekly Staples box for only $40! ($65 Value) - it's the perfect way to get a good variety of the different products SPUD has to offer. Happy shopping (and eating too!)

SPUD Groceries
SPUD Groceries
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