Getting Summer Ready With Remington Reveal

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Remington® Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

Getting Summer Ready with Remington Reveal

Hellooo friends... Boy, it's nice to have the sun shining and spring in full swing! I may not be one to change up my beauty routine too often but I am a believer that the transition between seasons is a great time to make a few changes for the better. This season as I'm getting summer beauty ready I've been trying out a few new products from the Remington Revealline that I thought I'd share with you today! And as a bit of a bonus, I'm sharing a great giveaway with Remington so make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how to enter!

The first product I've been using to get my skin summer ready is the

Reveal Facial Cleansing Brush


I cannot say enough good things about this brush! In the spring and summer as the temperatures rise and chances are we're getting more sun, applying more SPF to our face and likely, working up a sweat a bit more often it's really important to cleanse our skin deeply and this brush is perfect for that! The brush is waterproof, rechargeable and the brushes are anti microbial which is so important. There are three brushes to choose from that you can easily swap out depending on if you're looking for delicate, normal or powerful cleaning and there are 3 speed settings so you have so many choices to get the feel and result you're looking for!

They also have the Compact Cleansing Brush which is similar in design but at a smaller size, this guy is perfect to take with you on the road for any summer travels or road trips. With an exfoliating and an every day cleansing brush head it gives you the same waterproof and rechargeable design as the full size but in a more compact size. I love it and I know I'll be taking it with me on my upcoming trips this summer!






The other cleansing brush I've been using to get my skin summer ready is the

Reveal Rotating Body Cleansing Brush

You guys! Never did I think I could love a body brush so much! hahah This brush works similarly to the facial cleansing brushes in that it has a two speed rotating head for a deep clean which is great for the summer. When you want to show off more skin and start rocking your strapless tops and dresses you'll want to make sure that you can reach your back and rest of your body easily to keep your skin clear. I love that this brush has an adjustable handle which makes it super convenient and easy to get in a deep clean. This was the product that really surprised me how much I love it and now, I don't know how I managed without it before! haha

Because I love this product so much, I've partnered with Remington to give one away to one of my lucky Canadian readers!! Just leave a comment below with what you love most about summer for your chance to enter!!



Lastly, if we're talking about getting summer ready we can't forget about our feet! After a long cold winter I don't know about you but I sure couldn't wait to bust out my sandals and slides BUT if your feet are anything like mine, chances are they were in need of a good at home pedicure before they were ready to share with the world! haha

I remember the first time I bought a pumice stone and shortly came to realize that I hated it. I felt like it was kind of annoying to hold and therefore difficult to use not to mention, kind of time consuming and annoying, SO, I was excited to try out the

Reveal Callus Remover

Ooh you guys, where has this been all my life? Am I the last one to the party when it comes to this dream of a handheld tool... I'll never use my regular old pumice stone again! haha The Reveal Callus Remover has two attachment heads (coarse and extra coarse) depending on what you need and because it's easy to hold and battery operated it's so easy to use! I'll be using this all summer long to keep my feet looking fly in my favourite summer shoes and if you're looking for a simple way to keep your feet feeling smooth and sandal ready, I can't recommend this enough!




I have been a fan and supporter of Remington for years so getting to try out these Reveal products has been such a great partnership! If you're looking to up your summer skincare or foot care game I can't recommend these products enough! What are your favourite beauty tools or products to get warm weather ready? Remember, let me know in the comments what you love most about the summer for your chance to win the Remington Reveal Rotating Body Brush!!*

*Open to Canadian residents


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