Happy Valentine's Day

chihuahua Valentine's

Well it's Valentine's Day! Are you a fan? haha The older I get the less I tend to buy into the hype of certain holidays such as Valentine's Day but rather, I try to think more about the message for the day and today the message is love. 

So today, love yourself, because it all starts there. Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and take time to love yourself whether that means taking a vacation, running a bubble bath or making time to do something you love. 

Be kind to others - we're all going through struggles that chances are nobody else knows about. Assume the best in others and cut everyone some slack. You'll never know the difference being kind can make in someone else's day.

I've long been a fan of The Ellen show and at the end of the show she always says 'be kind to one another' and I think for today, that's the message we should all try to live by! Whether you're celebrating today with a special someone, your friends, family or it's just another Wednesday, I hope you have a great love filled day! 

And if these cheesy photos of Herman don't make you smile, well then I don't know what will ;) 

chihuahua valentine