How To Prepare Your Guest Bedroom For The Holidays

how to be the best host for out of town guests

Happy friday everyone! As you're reading this I'll have likely just landed in London England for the holidays! We'll be staying with James' family in Southampton and I'm really looking forward to getting in a little R&R after a particularly hectic couple of weeks. Seeing as we're going to be guests of James' parents for the next few weeks I wanted to talk about our guest bedroom today!

As you know we've been working away at decorating our home since moving over the summer. Getting a functional guest bedroom set up was important to us as we will be hosting James' friends and family from out of town plus, it's not a bad idea to have one prepped and ready in case you have a few friends over who decide to stay the night rather than taking a cab.

The holidays are a busy time for hosting out of town guests. Many of you will likely be entertaining friends and family who will be staying with you for at least a night or a few over the holidays so in addition to sharing our progress on our guest room, I thought I'd share a few "best hosting" tips. 

Tip #1. Give a Warm Welcome

Depending on how far your guests have come from, they'll likely be exhausted when they arrive. Having a few little surprises or special unexpected touches is a great way to perk up your guests and get them excited for their stay. You don't need to go crazy but a welcome card, maybe a little bottle of champagne or treat or even a nice soap or bubble bath will go a long way to make your guests feel welcomed and special. 

how to prepare for overnight guests
styled bedside table

Tip #2: Give Your Guests Options

The biggest thing about having guests is making sure that they're comfortable. Often guests don't want to ask for an extra blanket or pillow so by having a few already there, you're ensuring that they can make themselves right at home without being embarrassed to come ask for something. 

how to prepare for overnight guests
bright and cozy spare room

Tip #3: Cover The Basics

It's great to go above and beyond with a little basket of toiletries or a few magazines for your guests but really what's most important is covering the basics. Side tables with drawers are great for storage for your guests so they have a place to put their personal items. Make sure you have bedside lamps on both sides of the bed - bonus points if they're on dimmers! Lastly, add a few decor touches but make sure there's room on the bedside tables for a glass of water, phone to charge and that there's access to an electrical outlet so that your guests will be able to charge their phones overnight. Just as you would with any other room in the house, a guest room needs to be both functional as well as beautiful. 

tips for hosting guests overnight
how to set up your spare bedroom

I'm so happy with how our room has turned out! While there's still a few touches that aren't quite complete (curtains, painting the walls, this mirror is on order), we're now fully functional and ready for guests- who's coming over?!

eclectic bedroom
how to be the best host for out of town guests
the brick bedroom set

As for paint color - give me some suggestions! I'm thinking maybe a soft blue or grey but I'm looking all over the spectrum what do you guys think?!