International Women's Day

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Well it's International Women's Day - for many it's a day of celebrating, loving and thanking; for others it's a day of marching and protesting and for some, it's just another Thursday. I think it goes without saying that this has been quite a year for us females. Last year's election of a misogynist man accused of sexual assault to the highest office set off a force that myself and many others felt around the world. For us fourth wave feminists this past year has seen the rise of the Women's March, #MeToo (although that movement has been around for much longer and the woman behind it is definitely worth learning about), Time's Up and the fall of Weinstein just to name a few. On a global scale these movements are incredible and I hope that through brave women coming forward and through the rallies and the shared stories and the petitions and protests that we'll see more positive change as we move toward equality. 

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On a more local and intimate level, I personally look at International Women's Day as a day to be thankful for the strong, inspiring, encouraging and wonderful women I am so lucky to have in my life. I have such strong female role models in my family, my friend group and my peers who are also my friend. With 204 Park I'm so lucky to get to work and connect with so many incredibly talented, creative and inspiring women. On the design side of things, Kristina, my partner in Kresswell interiors is strong, intelligent and supportive. And then personally, I'm also so happy to have James as my life partner who is my biggest supporter, and a true example of a man who values and respects women the way all men should. And really, the way everyone should respect one another regardless of gender.

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We're living in interesting times, and when the history books look back I hope that we'll look at these years as ones where women along with other minorities in race, religion, sexual and gender orientation and others who have lesser rights were able to make great strides. My core values and beliefs in coming from a place of kindness and supporting those around you, not bringing them down are such simple concepts that can admittedly be a bit more challenging in practice but I truly think if we all tried to be just a little kinder each day, it could make a world of difference. So whether you spend today celebrating, protesting or just going about your usual Thursday I hope it's a great day! 

Now go hug your favourite person and spread the love! 

international women's day

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