Modern Holiday Swag DIY

Today I want to share a sweet and simple holiday DIY with a bit of a modern twist - my take on a holiday swag. Truth be told, I didn't even know this was called a swag, I was going to call it a modern minimalist wreath but when Tracey was over snapping photos she informed me that this is actually called a swag so there you have it! The more you know ;) haha 

Last year I sawn an image online of a swag like this and I couldn't get it out of my mind! I didn't know what it was called and didn't know exactly how to make it but with a bit of help from Tracey (thanks girl - she takes great photos AND helps with DIYs! haha) and my friends at Fabloomosity I was able to pull this swag together and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Here's what you need: Bunch of greenery (hit up your local florist and ask them for greens, if you're in Edmonton I love Fabloomosity!) // Scissors // Wire // Ribbon or String // Bow or adornments for the swag

Here's what to do:

Begin by using wire to tie together branches of the bunch of greenery so they'll stay together once hung. I tied the branches in 4-5 spots to reinforce the swag. 

Once the greenery is bunched together and secure, tie the ends with your choice of ribbon and hang in your desired location. I chose to hang mine indoors but this would be beautiful on your front door. Once the swag is hung, it's time to adjust - this might take a bit of tweaking but you'll want to fluff and pull at the branches of the greenery until you're happy with how the swag looks. I even cut a few branches off the back and tucked them along the top of the swag to get the look I wanted.

Once you're happy with how the swag looks, you'll want to add a bow or ornaments or other adornments such as the pinecones I used to add that final finishing touch! 

That's it! It's a very simple DIY that will take less than half an hour, is very inexpensive and looks fabulous! What do you think of this DIY, and had you ever heard of a swag before?

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